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Our Essence

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful brands.

We bring 30+ years of branding expertise to every one of our clients, from new to existing businesses, in a bid to achieve our goal of elevating brands across any industry. We are fluent in strategic communications and brand positioning within key verticals including the peculiar details for successful start-up creation and re02gynation (rebranding). If you are looking for a brand marketing agency that can deliver legendary strategy and creativity, we would love to talk.


Deeply rooted in our essence is our curiosity about, and a quest for, the uncommon. This is brought to bear based on the knowledge mix of rational differentiation and a compelling personality. Our understanding that the perception of a brand invariably determines its equity in the marketplace, to a large extent informs our strategic thrust.


A combination of conventional and unconventional creative strategies are deployed to suit diverse marketing/advertising challenges because our goal is to project the strong attributes of our brands to significantly achieve parity-breaking feats in the face of competition.


We are brand 02gynators.

We believe that the life of a brand is characterized by a myriad of activities. Hence, we view brands as empires that rise and fall over time. To ensure longevity, we creatively and strategically ensure top-of-the-mind recall for these brands with the key attribute of bringing product differentiation at all touch points.


A deep understanding of the essence of a brand and the ability to painstakingly nurture a product to achieve brand relevance and maturity in the midst of fierce, life-threatening competition is one of our brand’s core competencies. To us, adding value is attaining the position of brand custodians by interfacing consistently and preferring solutions to challenges as they arise.

Some Of Our Clients

We have been lucky to work with some of Nigeria's most prestigious brands and others that are well in the process of being superstars. Across many industries and sizes, all our clients share the same thing: they all, at some point, needed help in realizing the full potential of their brand. From new to existing brands, we love collaborating with our clients including:

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Our range of services


Every brand’s success stems from the creation and execution of a powerful strategy


Great brand strategies begin with accurately defining a brand’s positioning


A brand’s identity is much more than a logo. 


We handle all forms of brand marketing and campaign management projects


We are experts in print, video and digital advertising campaigns


We also create every creative from campaigns and packaging to core brand assets


We design and oversee the execution of all print and digital production


We handle the creation of websites, digital ads and social media strategies and creatives


We produce original still and video assets as well as brand stories

Our leadership team

Dr. Charles O'Tudor

Group Principal Consultant

Charles O’Tudor is Africa’s Premiere Brand Strategist and Engagement Consultant. Over the years, he has enriched the branding landscape with his innovative approach to brand building across all sectors of the economy.

Racheal Abiriba-Nwaka as Chief Operations Officer

Racheal Abiriba-Nwaka


Racheal is a multi-passionate Lawyer and Communications Consultant. She has built an impressive professional ‘experience bank’ through years of working in various organizations and industries.